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A fridge (and freezer) is the single biggest user of electricity in your home if you don't use an air conditioner. Or even if you use one air conditioner in your home for a few hours a day in the summer.

The good news is that refrigerators have come a long way over the last 20 years, using 80% less energy to cool the same amount of food. Over the years, the most innovative fridge manufacturers have changed the coolant, the heat exchangers, and other materials and technology to achieve this drastic reduction. And now they have gone a step further by adopting inverter motors to reduce electricity use even more. Check out our blog post on the drastic reduction in energy and water consumption of appliances over the years.

So consider replacing your old fridge if you have high electricity bills you can't explain.

But hold on. All fridge manufacturers are not the same. Some new fridges use as much electricity as old fridges because those companies did not invest into research and innovation.

So how do you find the refrigerator brands and models that are more energy efficient than others? Well, no worries, we have done the homework for you.

Compare Dawlance, Haier, Samsung, Changhong Ruba, PEL, Orient, Gree and all the other refrigerator brands in the Pakistani market by energy efficiency and power consumption in the table below. Only those fridges are shown that had some electricity consumption information available. The table is sorted by lifecycle cost.


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