About Us

NRF Engineering is a private engineering consultancy based in Karachi. We provide expertise in the areas of Energy Efficiency, Aerospace and Renewable Energy. NRF Engineering is founded around a vision: to bring energy efficiency awareness to every home and business in Pakistan.

Therefore, the purpose of our consultancy is three-folds:

  • to help industries and businesses adapt methods and technologies that can reduce their energy costs by up to 50%, and provide them with a scientific analysis of their building’s energy needs and demands
  • to create awareness about energy efficiency measures that one can adapt in their homes and office;
  • and finally, to help reduce the use of fossil fuels, and the resultant burden of imports, by being smart about our lifestyle choices in our homes, businesses and industries.

In the past few years, our clients have seen potential savings of 50% in their electricity bills. If you want us to visit and conduct an energy audit of your facility, please get in touch with us here.

About Nida R. Farid

Nida R. Farid is an Aerospace Engineer and renewable energy consultant. She has led projects for the Airbus A320, A330, A350XWB, A380 and Bombardier’s CRJ aircrafts. She has also worked extensively with wind farm development and management, energy policy and gas turbine combustion in North America and Europe.

Nida is passionate about spreading energy efficiency awareness in Pakistan and elsewhere. As a member of the Energy Experts Group, she co-authored the ‘Integrated Energy Plan for Pakistan’. Her projects include Pakistan’s first comprehensive ‘Energy Flow Diagram’, and a comparison website of electrical appliances based on power consumption: savejoules.com (previously energyefficiencydatabase.com), and energy efficiency awareness campaigns.

She holds an S.B. in Aerospace Engineering from MIT and an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from ETH Zurich, specializing in aircraft engines and gas turbines. She is also a Certified Project Management Professional and a Certified Energy Manager.