hand sketched fan image 350 x 350 size

hand sketched fan image 350 x 350 size Ceiling fans are the most energy efficient form of cooling run by electricity. Much more than air conditioners, or chillers, or even air coolers!

Even a 5-star energy efficient 1 ton inverter AC uses 10 times more electricity than a ceiling fan to help you feel cool in your home!!

Of course, the most efficient form of cooling is natural ventilation that you design into your homes and offices when they are being built. And painting your roof white. :)

But an energy saving ceiling fan can greatly increase the comfort of your home.

If your ceiling is too low for a ceiling fan, you can also use a pedestal fan or bracket fan. They are not as efficient as ceiling fans, since they have smaller blades, but they are more efficient than air conditioners.

A 56" ceiling fan can cover areas of up to 400ft2. Check out the link below for sizing the fan for your room.

Compare Pak Fans, Royal Fans, GFC, Millat, and all the other ceiling fan, pedestal fan, bracket fan and exhaust fan brands and models in the Pakistani market by energy efficiency and power consumption in the table below. Only those fans are shown that had some electricity consumption information available. Lifecycle costs are calculated assuming a life of 10 years. Find the best fan in Pakistan for your needs.


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