hand sketched led light bulb image 350 x 350 size

hand sketched led light bulb image 350 x 350 size LED bulbs are now cheaper than CFL bulbs (or energy saver bulbs, as we call them in Pakistan) and halogen lights and their efficiency is increasing day by day. Not only do LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) have higher efficiency than CFL (compact florescent lamps) and incandescent bulbs, but LED bulbs are also directional, and can be positioned to send light exactly where we want it, reducing the wastage of light. So, it's a no brainer to use LEDs to save the most energy (Joules) or money in our homes, offices and factories.

Do you know how many lumens of light you need for your room?

For household lighting, 15 lm/ft2 is more than enough.

For offices, use 30 lm/ft2.

For factories, use 50 lm/ft2.

For outdoor and street lighting, 5 lm/ft2 is sufficient

Once you know the number of lumens you need, just divide that by the number of lumens a light bulb or light fixture provides, to understand how many bulbs or fixtures you need.

IIf you don't believe me, compare CFL vs LED, tubelight, halogen and other lighting options available in Pakistani below by electricity consumption. Compare Philips, GE, Orient, Osaka, Osram, Future Technologies and other LED lights. Just put in the square footage of your room, and we will let you know how many light fixtures you need, their power consumption, annual electricity bill and the lifecycle costs. :)


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