hand sketched printer image 350 x 350 size

hand sketched printer image 350 x 350 size The print quality of inkjet printers have pretty much caught up with laser printers. But laser printers use 20-30 times the power that inkjet printers do. So what reason is there for using laser printers?

You tell me. I have absolutely no idea why you would use a laser printer. :D Except for very very special high quality, publishing level printing applications. Certainly not something that most offices or homes need.

At one point, inkjet cartridge costs gave higher ink costs per page compared to a laser printer.

But now inkjet printers have gone one step further. Introducing the new and improved Ink Tank printers!! HP calls them Ink Tank, and Epson calls them Eco Tank.

Ink Tank systems can easily be refilled with bottles of ink by the users themselves. They can print thousands, even tens of thousands of pages, per bottle of ink. Compare that with hundreds of pages traditional inkjet cartridges printed. This has made ink costs ten times cheaper than it was before.

And it removes the hassle of changing the cartridges often.

If you change the number of pages per day in the calculator below, and sort by lifecycle costs, you can see that ink tank printers are always the cheapest option over the life of the printer. However, if you are buying one for your home, and you just print a few pages per month, then the cheapest inkjet printers may make more sense for you.

Compare the best inkjet, ink tank and laser printers by lifecycle costs in Pakistan and the US (ink costs and electricity costs included) in the table below. Only those printers are shown that had complete power consumption information, including printers from Canon, Epson, HP, Brother and other brands. P: Print, S: Scan, C: Copy, F: Fax, Ph: Photo.


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