hand sketched Television TV image of 350x350 size

hand sketched Television TV image of 350x350 size Do you know the standby power of new TVs and other consumer electronics has been reduced to less than 1 Watt in recent years? Older CRT TVs consumed as much as an energy saver bulb (10-20 Watts) in standby power.

In general, LED TVs tend to use less electricity than LCD TVs and Plasma. The old 60" Plasma TVs consumed 1000 Watts, while new 60" LED TVs consume between 100-200 Watts.

As your screen size gets bigger, so does the electricity consumption.

You will be surprised at how much power consumption varies across brands and models. Choosing the wrong TV could have a signficant impact on your electricity bill.

Compare Samsung, Eco Star, LG, Haier, Sony, Panasonic, Changhong Ruba and all the television brands in the Pakistani market by energy efficiency and power consumption in the table below. Find the best TV for your home and office. Only those TVs are shown that had some electricity consumption information available. The table is sorted by screen size and then power consumption.


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