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This website has been made with one purpose in mind: to end the Energy Crisis in Pakistan.

How do we plan to achieve that? By giving the power into the hands of the people of Pakistan.

Currently, there is a shortfall of 30% between the demand and supply of electricity in Pakistan. This shortage has reduced our annual GDP growth from 7% to 3%. This has caused our poverty rates to rise and our literacy rates to plunge. After all, if the poor do not have enough money to feed themselves, how can they afford to send their children to school?

It can take 5-10 years to set up a new power plant. But the one thing under our control is the demand. We have to reduce the amount of electricity we use so that it can be used to run our industries and commercial activities instead. Don’t worry. That may sound scary, but it is not. I am not asking you to stop using your ACs and your electronics. The solution is much simpler.

We have to start purchasing more energy efficient appliances. The thing to remember is that we do not need electricity. We need lighting, cooling, entertainment, productivity tools, etc. All of these are services. Electricity is just a fuel for the instruments (air conditioners, washing machines, light bulbs, etc.) that provide those services.

So find appliances that provide you that service using much less electricity. The difference in electricity consumption between a generic appliance and an energy efficient appliance is between 30-80% depending on what service we are talking about. This website will help you choose the most efficient appliances, electronics and lights. And the best part is that you will save thousands on your electricity bills and help end the Energy Crisis at the same time.

So don’t waste another minute. Check out The Energy Efficient Appliances Database now.

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