How to Find Gas Leaks in your Home or Office

Is the recent increase in gas prices worrying you? Do you want to learn how to find gas leaks in your home or office so you can stop bleeding money to the gas company?

Don’t worry. Joules is here to save the day!! And your gas! 🙂

The easiest way to save gas is to find out if you have gas leaks in your home or office. It is also dangerous for your family and colleagues to be breathing in gas fumes. And the gas leaks could catch fire and explode any time, causing irreparable damage and loss of life.

I found nearly 40% leaks in my home! 40%!! That means nearly half my bill was from gas leaks and not from the gas I actually needed!

So what are the steps needed to find these elusive energy wasters? These steps work whether you use natural gas, LPG, RLNG or any other kind of gas in your pipelines. They even work if you want to find compressed air leaks in your garage or factory.

First of all, turn off all your gas appliances, like geyser/heater, stove, generator, etc. Then see if the gas meter is still running. If the number dials are still turning, then you have a gas leak.

Gas meter reading

The gas meters we have in Pakistan measure the cubic meters of gas used. So they measure a volume of gas, rather than the weight of gas or energy consumed. The assumptions about gas pressure and chemistry is set at the Billing Station, to give an approximation of the amount of energy consumed by the customer.

My meter reading currently says 28569280, which is 18569.280 m3. If you live outside Pakistan, your gas meter could be measuring in m3, ft3, MMBTU, or other units of volume or energy. Look at your gas utility’s website to find out how to read their meters.

Ok, so note the reading on the meter (mine was 28569280, or 28569.280m3), and then let the meter run for 30 minutes, with your appliances closed. Take the reading after 30 minutes (mine was 28569292, or 28569.292m3). The difference is your leakage for 30 minutes. Multiply by 48 to get your leakage over 24 hours (I got a leakage of 0.586m3 per day. Shoot! My leaks are growing again!). You can now turn on your gas appliances again.

Now that you know how much gas leakage you have, how do you find the gas leaks?

Well, take a spray bottle and put 3 spoons of dish-washing liquid. Add a quart of water and mix it. Now take this spray bottle and start spraying the solution all along your gas pipeline, starting from the gas meter connection.

Wherever there is a gas leak, you will see bubbles forming and growing bigger and bigger. The bigger the bubbles, the bigger the size of the leak.

Gas leaks bubbles

Make sure you spray your entire gas pipeline to find all gas leaks. Work diligently from each split of the pipeline to the end appliance, till you have covered the entire gas network and all appliances.

Once you have found all gas leaks, call a gas plumber or your local gas company to fix the leaks.

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