Launching SaveJoules

We know that was a mouthful for many of you to remember. Hey, it was even hard for us to say it. 😉

Keeping that in mind, we have decided to relaunch our energy efficient appliances database as SaveJoules.

Save Joules. Get it? Joules? The unit of energy?

Yes, we’re kind of geeky that way. 🙂

Joules is also our new mascot, who will be guiding you through the website. You can see her in the bottom right corner of the website image above.

We have been hard at work collecting data on new appliances, lights, and other energy consuming equipment. Just like the old website, you can compare appliances by lifecycle costs and your annual energy bills for running them. We hope this data will allow you to make energy saving and money saving decisions when you buy new appliances.

And compared to the old website, you can also now play with the data on every product page. For instance, if you run your TV for 5 hours a day, you can change the setting on the page to 5 hours, and it will show you updated lifecycle costs and energy bills based on your usage.

Or if you want to check the running costs in your offices, just change the setting to Commercial Rates to get updated lifecycle costs.

Just give it a try here.

To learn more energy saving tips, also check out our Facebook Page, where we post a new tip every day to help you reduce your electricity and fuel bills.

Happy Saving!!

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