Energy Efficient Refrigerators

Just finished putting the refrigerator power consumption numbers online. While we have collected hundreds of records of every appliance, it is amazing how incomplete the information is. We have price information on some, but no electricity consumption information. Others show the power rating, but not the actual consumption.

A fridge can be rated to use 150W of power, but it will not run at this peak load most of the time. A 150W refrigerator can end up using just 1 kWh of electricity in a day, instead of the 3.6 kWh it would have used if it ran at peak power consumption the entire day. Most brands in Pakistan do not measure the 24hour consumption of a fridge or freezer, so it can be difficult sometimes to compare the appliances with imported brands.

In any case, we have chosen the records that gave at least some energy consumption information and have put them up for your use. We hope this information will help you make the right purchasing decision and choose energy efficient refrigerators for your home or office.

Without further ado, click to compare refrigerator brands. If you would like to go to the home page, then go to The Energy Efficient Appliances Database.

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