Air conditioner power consumption

Air conditioner power consumption figures have been put up. At the moment, we are just showing the 1 ton (12000BTU) and 1.5 ton (18000BTU) sizes. The 2 ton (24000BTU) air conditioner comparison will be put up soon.

Unfortunately, in the quest for faster cooling, the Pakistani demand for 0.75 ton (10000BTU) and 0.5 ton (6000BTU) sized air conditioners has diminished. This is a very disturbing development, since many room sizes in Pakistan do not need an air conditioner that is bigger than 0.5 ton or 0.75 ton. By purchasing a 1 ton air conditioner, the electricity consumers are needlessly increasing their electricity bills, and the load on the national power infrastructure.

Without further ado, click to find the best air conditioner brand for you. Compare the energy efficiency of air conditioners and make the choice that will save electricity and reduce your electricity bills. If you would like to go to the home page, here is the link for The Energy Efficient Appliances Database.

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