Deep Freezers

hand sketched deep freezer image 350 x 350 size

hand sketched deep freezer image 350 x 350 size Did you know that new freezers use 69% less electricity than those from 15 years ago?
If your freezer is older than 10 years, you may need to upgrade to a new one.

Even new freezers vary greatly in their power needs. Energy efficient freezers can use 80% less electricity than the generic new freezer on the market. And some generic new freezers use the same amount of electricity as an energy efficient freezer from 15 years ago!

Chest freezers (horizontal) ones are significantly more efficient than vertical ones, mainly because they best utilize the physics of cold air. If you remember, hot air rises and cold air falls. When you open a chest freezer, very little of the cold air is released. On the other hand, in a vertical freezer, when the door is opened, a large amount of cold air falls out, and the freezer needs to use a lot of electricity to bring the freezer back to its running temperature.

Compare all the freezer brands and models in Pakistan, including Haier, PEL, Waves, Dawlance, etc., by energy efficiency and power consumption in the table below. Only those freezers are shown that had some electricity consumption information available.


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