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AC hand sketched image of 350x350 size

AC hand sketched image of 350x350 size Did you choose the right air conditioner size for your room? Most AC salesmen in our region try to sell us air conditioners that are twice as large than they should be!!

Before you head out to buy a new air conditioner, first choose the right size for your room with the calculator below, so the salesman doesn't dupe you to make more money. The calculator will choose the correct size AC for you based on room size, ceiling height, insulation and shade.

In general, a 0.75 ton (9000 BTU) or 1 ton (12000 BTU) air conditioner is usually big enough for all bedrooms, office rooms or meetings rooms. You may need a 1.5 ton (18000 BTU) or 2 ton (24000 BTU) air conditioner for your living room or classroom.

The maximum you will need is 20BTU/sqft. Energystar rated rooms use 12BTU or less per sqft!

Tip: If you are buying a 2 ton AC, consider buying 2 times 1 ton ACs and install them in different parts of the room, so you only need to turn on one of them, when you are using only one side of the room.

Inverter ACs are now much cheaper than they were some years ago. And more efficient. They can save you anywhere from 15-50% on your energy bills, based on which brand and model you buy.

In India, last year, the best 5-star non-inverter ACs were as energy efficient as the 3-star inverter AC. However, the best 5-star inverter AC were 30% more energy saving than the best 5-star non-inverter AC.

Therefore, it is very important that you choose the best air conditioner brand with the lowest electricity consumption to get the most energy savings.

To compare air conditioner brands and models by energy savings and find the best air conditioner brand for you, you need one main benchmark. The Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) is the key to see how efficient the overall performance of the AC is, assuming it is correctly sized. EER is the ratio of the amount of cooling power the air conditioner provides versus the amount of input power it needs to run. The EER has a direct impact on the air conditioner power consumption. The higher the Energy Efficiency Ratio, the more efficient the AC.

Compare Gree, Haier, Panasonic, Kenwood, Orient, Samsung, Mitsubishi, Toshiba and other air conditioner brands in the table below to find the most energy efficient air conditioner for your needs. We have shown all brands and models that are available in Pakistan and compared them by lifecycle costs, power consumption and electricity bills. Check back regularly as we add more brands and models to the table.  Find the best energy saving air conditioner brand for your needs.

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